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Looking for mulch delivery in the Greater Portland area? Give us a call! Our rich, dark mulch is perfect for any mulching application. Plus, pine mulch cuts down on weeds and watering and looks beautiful. Other colors may be available.

1 to 3 yards   $55.00 per yd delivered

4 yards +        $50.00 per yd delivered


Loam is the perfect base layer for garden and lawn installations. Our loam is specifically formulated for building lawns, patching lawns, building beds, and filling depressions, though it can be used to mix into and improve a variety of soil types. All of our loam is screened to a minimum of 1/2”.

$50.00 per yd  + delivery


If you’re looking to restore the quality of soils in your existing gardens, or in your lawn, adding a layer of compost may be the best option. Our compost is dark and rich and will integrate nicely with your existing soils and bring your flower beds, veggie gardens and lawns back to life! Compost may also be used to top off an existing raised bed garden.

$60.00 per yd + delivery

Super Soil Mix

The ultimate garden and lawn starter, our Super Soil Mix is half compost and half loam. This is a great combination for container planting, new vegetable gardens, flower beds and lawn installations.

$50.00 per yd + delivery